Allures Yachting joined the Fédération des Industries Nautiques (FIN) as soon as the company was formed in 2003 in a clear statement of its commitment to becoming a long-term force in this market.  Although its prime purpose is to promote, represent and serve the interests of its members, the FIN is also a forum in which to discuss industry issues and exchange experience, both of which have facilitated the growth of the Grand Large Yachting Group as a whole.

Becoming involved in the collective commitment of the Federation is therefore a logical next step in the Grand Large Yachting story. So CEO Xavier Desmarest was elected at the beginning of this year as coordinator of the Constructors Committee, one of the most important core businesses of the 11 disciplines represented by the 600 or so FIN member companies.

His election reconfirms the involvement of the Group to its industry, following the election of Chairman Stephan Constance for a third term as a member of the Federation’s Board of Directors. His election to the Executive Office of the FIN during his second term, and his appointment as Deputy Chairman alongside Yves Lyon-Caen (Chairman of the Bénéteau Group Supervisory Board) further confirms the desire of Grand Large Yachting to promote and facilitate collective initiative within the French marine industry, and to be a fully committed contributor to it. It also reflects a wider recognition of the growth of the Group and the success of its manufacturing, organisational and export strategies, which have been implemented in what is a complex economic environment.