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The group’s expertise lies not only in the construction of multi-hull and mono-hull but equally within the construction of aluminum and composite leisure yachts. Grand Large Yachting invites you to discover new horizons, on board blue-water sailing yachts, uniquely adapted to the navigational projects and needs of each and every client.

Grand Large Yachting is currently the European leader in the Blue Water leisure sailing market. Recognized in equal part for its construction of both catamarans and yachts, Grand Large Yachting is also the French market leader for the creation of blue-water sailing boats. The group has received numerous international distinctions, including the prize for ‘European Yacht of the Year’, which was awarded to the Outremer 49 in 2010, the Trawler 54, the Outremer 5X in 2013 and the Outremer 4X in 2017, as well as prizes for ‘Best Sail Boat’ and ‘Boat Of The Year’ won in 2016 by the Exploration 45, awards given by two of the most prestigious American sailing magazines.

Founded in 2003, Allures Yachting is a maritime shipyard in Cherbourg that specializes in the construction of sailing yachts with lifting keels and rounded aluminum hulls. –Our yachts are built based on our values of security, comfort and elegance and adapted perfectly to our customers’ needs.


Created in 1984, the shipyard creates and develops composite catamarans between 45 and 72 feet for Blue Water sailing. Outremer boats are built around a simple, yet powerful, concept: creating catamarans perfectly adapted for the ocean, simple yet strong and fast.


With over 40 years of experience, Garcia yachting is a manufacturer of reference in the world of high quality blue water yachts. The Normandy-based aluminum specialist offers a range of solutions to demanding sailors, including Exploration boats, custom sailboats, aluminum catamarans, and trawlers. Over 300 Garcia yachts ranging from 45 to more than 100 feet are currently sailing around the world.


15 years ago Gunboat set out to develop the fastest, safest, cruising catamaran ever conceived. The original GUNBOAT was named TRIBE, and pioneered a new high performance cruising catamaran segment. With rugged, high-tech structures, breakthrough ocean-going designs and luxurious interiors, word of our work spread quickly. The knowledge gained from seven different series and a decade of refinement and innovation continues to push us to constantly improve and evolve the model we created.


The RM’s are exclusive boats which offer a number of advantages ; their ambition is to give the best level possible in four key areas :
– Speed: through their rigidity, their sail area/weight ratio and their hull shape;
– Well being: impression of speed, quietness in the cabin, 180 degree light and visibility, dry atmosphere, absence of smell, absence of rust, etc…
– Respect for environment: built in ply/epoxy, the RM’s offer by far the best outcome in terms of recyclability.
– Design: RM boats have an elegant, very seductive design, with long lines, personal choice of colour.